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I time-traveled recently. In a couple different ways. Vortex In October my wife, four kids, and myself squeezed into our minivan and pointed it toward Pittsburg. No, not that one. Pittsburg, Kansas. A dear friend of ours was turning fifty-years-old and a surprise party that had been marinating for many months was finally underway. It is a very weighty decision…

Kids Nonsense

It was fun making this film with our lovely little actors. I use “fun” in the, we-shouldn’t-have-kept-them-up-past-the-emotional-stability-that-comes-with-bedtime-and-make-them-repeat-lines-they’re-not-familiar-with-while-forgetting-that-they-are-only-children-and-not-trained-actors-because-we’re-creating-art-for-crying-out-loud kind of way. Hope you like it.

Film Kids