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*A completely unbiased review of my wife and brother-in-law’s Christmas album. From the first rhythmic strike of the piano keys to the strong and full vocals, we are immediately primed for feel of Long White Christmas. And it feels like Charity Long and Dan White have stepped right into your home and started cranking out tunes. Now if you don’t know them well you…

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“What if Dan and I recorded a Christmas album? For this year.” My wife, Charity, asked me this on October 21st. We were on a much needed date, blissfully away from the other people that live in our house, talking about our lives and what we want to do with them—our lives, not the other people in our house. Then…

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Creative Process Music

Our church put out a Christmas EP earlier this month called Emmanuel (Love Has Won). The title track was written by a great dude, B.J. Bryant. Check it out here. I had the privilege of writing one of the other original songs on the EP. And had the greater privilege of hearing my wife sing it. You can have this privilege…

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