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It was fun making this film with our lovely little actors. I use “fun” in the, we-shouldn’t-have-kept-them-up-past-the-emotional-stability-that-comes-with-bedtime-and-make-them-repeat-lines-they’re-not-familiar-with-while-forgetting-that-they-are-only-children-and-not-trained-actors-because-we’re-creating-art-for-crying-out-loud kind of way. Hope you like it.

Film Kids

Time. Who cares? My dad is smart. Growing up he always told me the secret to making a year longer. The unwritten key to fabricating time itself. He also told me the price. But when you are in high school or pressing on through your early 20s why would you care about more time anyway? You’re flush with the stuff.…

Creative Process

It’s there. Blinking. The thin vertical bar. ON OFF ON OFF It’s intimidating. For a while now I’ve had this Evernote titled ‘First post’. I would open it, read the title, and just watch the cursor flicker; challenging me to write something. What is the first thing you say to the world? Or, maybe more accurate, my immediate family members…

Creative Process