One Christmas Album, One Month

“What if Dan and I recorded a Christmas album? For this year.”

My wife, Charity, asked me this on October 21st. We were on a much needed date, blissfully away from the other people that live in our house, talking about our lives and what we want to do with them—our lives, not the other people in our house. Then the idea smacked her brain and fell out into the atmosphere.

A Christmas album? Christmas was in two months. If having people listen to it was one of our goals then that gave us one month to get it done.

Oh, and we figured that it should probably be a full album. Ten whole songs. Because we have no concept of time and space. We are artists; people who claim Procrastination as a dependent on our taxes.

So we texted our brother-in-law Dan White and he was immediately on board. No hesitation—as far as we could tell by inferring into his text response.

Five minutes after the idea was spoken it was in motion. Moving at the speed of two busy families, each with four kids and obligations.

We decided on a stripped down, vocals and piano only album. Rehearsals were few and random, but the beauty is that Charity and Dan are so talented that they could probably stumble into the studio after being cryogenically frozen for decades and make something great.

Dan got us hooked up with Cody at Bailey Recording, who is a wizard, to record/mix/master for us. And yesterday, November 19th, Charity and Dan hopped into the studio at the 402 and slammed out all ten tracks.

You guys recorded it on November 19th? For Christmas? This year? Yes we did.


I think because sometimes you need a creative adventure. Sometimes you get excited about something you are only 85% sure you can pull off and need to go for it. Sometimes you need to try.

I’m proud of my wife and brother-in-law. They went for it. They tried. And they are finishing it.

We should all be excited.


The album will be ready just in time for the season—except for those of you that start Christmas in August. I will keep you posted about it’s impending release. “Like” Charity Long Music on facebook to stay updated as well.


**Update – Here are the download links**



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  1. Amy Burbee said:

    I’m so excited!

    November 20
  2. anna said:

    Oh, we are nothing BUT excited.

    November 20
  3. Jodi Loux said:

    I will definitely buy some copies! You are amazing!

    November 20
  4. Kathy said:

    I’d say Procrastination is worth his write-off this year.

    November 21

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