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A lot of times the world is quick to sell you something.

“Hi, I’m <Salesperson Name>. Do you know what you need? This!”

It usually comes off transparent and uncomfortable. No thanks guy. You and I both know that we don’t know each other, so how could you possibly know that I would need a Zero Turn, 25HP V-twin engine, 60″ deck, Riding Lawn Mower? Now wheel that back to your department while my kids finish trying on new shoes.

I just produced this video for Hiley Hunt Wealth Management. As creativity and “making stuff” is a bent of this blog I thought I’d share.

The goal of it was to be a “handshake”, an introduction to who these guys are, not a sales pitch. If you’ve met them you’d know that they are not about the quick sale.

They are about people. Down to the way they structure their compensation. They are a fee-only, no-commissions firm. Meaning that providing sound financial advice is their focus, not the cloudy haze of earning commissions off of selling the Zero Turn, 25HP V-twin engine, 60″ deck, Riding Lawn Mower of financial products.

We tried to capture this spirit in the video above. Check it out, then check them out here.


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  1. Kathy said:

    Well-done. I felt the empathy they talked about. I believed it.

    June 12

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